My Trip to Langkawi and Penang, Malaysia

I visited a resort in Langkawi, Malaysia for a relaxing getaway. As I flew to Penang and then took a ferry to Langkawi, so I also got to see the amazingly festive Chinese New Year celebrations in Penang.

Watching the Sunset
Watching the Sunset part 2
Sunset from the ferry from Langkawi to Penang
Silhouettes on a beach
Amazing colours of the sunset
More amazing colours of the sunset
Serene marine habitat
A beach on Beras Basah Island
More aquatic serenity
For a relaxing afternoon
Collecting rubber from a rubber tree
Cable car in Langkawi
A sky bridge that is not for height phobics
Another view of the sky bridge
Mind boggling display of alcohol
Getting ready for Chinese New year celebrations
Making sure there is plenty to offer to Gods
Firecrackers in action
The dynamism of lion dance
Fireworks to celebrate the Chinese New Year
Super sized incense
An elaborate altar on the street as a part of Chinese New Year celebrations
Hong Kong style dim sums in Penang

Created: 1 February 2012
Last updated: 23 February 2012