My Trip to Germany and the Switzerland

I visited Munich and its environs, and Zurich and its environs in September 2010. Despite having been there just a year ago, I was still uplifted by Munich's vibrant energy. Going to the Oktoberfest for the first time was also a highlight, and I was positively surprised that there were rides and game stalls in the site. So it was not all just about drinking. I even saw the filming of a Hollywood film "The Three Musketeers" in Schliessheim Palace in Germany.

I was entranced by Zurich's majestic natural beauty. Even the prices were prohibitively high, I would love to have stayed there for longer to explore more of its breathtaking landscape. I also met with some friends, who showed very generous hospitality. I even helped to make sushi for the first time!

Statues and fountains in the garden of Herrenshiemsee Palace
More statues
Herrenshiemsee Palace
I can push this cart!
Variegated autumn colours.
People having a relaxing afternoon at Fraueninsel
Framing the Freising landscape
At the world's oldest brewery, Weihenstephan, which has been operating for almost 1,000 years
Schleissheim Palace
Inside the Schleissheim Palace, the cordoned area was the filming location of "The Three Musketeers"
Street musicians forming almost a full orchestra
Artistically demonstrating his kitchen product
"Life art"
Posing in front of a fountain...that's what Oktoberfest does to people
Rides in Oktoberfest
Cute kid in Oktoberfest
Celebrating 200th anniversary of Oktoberfest with specially decorated lebkuchen
Ferris wheel in Oktoberfest
A march to recreate what Oktoberfest was like 200 years ago
He's having quite a bit to drink
Rollercoaster in form of Olympic rings
Neuschwanstein in the distant landscape
A hike up Tegelberg
Old city of Fuessen
Hohenschwangau Palace
Lion fountain
Viewing Neuschwanstein Palace from Hohenschwangau Palace
Village landscape just like a model toy village
Hohenschwangau Palace and its majestic environs
An icy cold stream that I made the mistake to with cross bare foot
A river with unusually turquoise water
A church supporting modern art: items are left there for moss to grow
Fuessen Castle and its uniquely painted walls
The top rock of this fountain constantly rotated as water flowed under it
Notice the car in the middle of the lake, in the Olympic Park in Munich
The venue of the 1972 Munich Olympics
Inside a tent in Oktoberfest
Colourful rides in Oktoberfest
The chilling reminder of astrocities in Dachau: "Arbeit Macht Frei"
Barbed wires in Dachau Concentration Camp site told heartbreaking stories
Inside the Cloister where nuns repent forever the sins committed in Dachau
A clever design of a Jewish synagogue in Dachau. The bare and minimalistic design echoed the terrible nature of the site. while a skylight represented hope and the eventual path to liberation for the survivors
The Switzerland
Sunset in Zurich
Inside a church
Live horses and an Oktoberfest tent in the main train station of Zurich
A statue made of dice
I was constantly impressed by the varied ways of presenting exhibits in Landesmuseum, Zurich
Basel cityscape
Beautifully tiled roof of Basel city hall
Amazing autumn colours
Alphabets piercing through the town square in Rapperswil
More picturesque scenery in the Alpine range
A small church linked by an elevated walkway
Cattle grazing
Postcard scenery part n
Postcard scenery part n+1
A stream running down a rocky mountain
A barbequed wild boar
Tasty snacks that are more visually appealing than a wild boar

Created: 11 October 2010
Last updated: 11 October 2010