My Trip to Indonesia

I visited Indonesia for the third time in July 2010. I attended a friend's wedding in Jakarta, then I flew to Bali for a holiday. I still love Bali's mix of nature and culture, there is simply something for everybody to like. Bali is still tranquil with so much beautiful mountains, beaches and coasts. This time, I discovered that restaurants and shops liked to keep exotic pets, such as tigers, pythons, alligators and even bats!

Bali Sunset in Uluwatu
Monkey looking for food from tourists
Beautiful beach resorts in Nusa Dua
Beach huts close up
Forces of nature: It's so windy that the tree grows towards the left, with the leaves on the right all been blown away.
Water violently splashing against amazing rock formations. According to the signpost there, this natural wonder is called "The Blow Hole".
Praying for fish to take the bait
A view of rock formations and a Balinese temple in the distant, hidden behind the trees
A boat serenely stationed in the sea despite giant waves
A local fisherman
Swimming prohibited on this nice beach
Surfboard quadrilogy part 1: unused surfboards deserted on the beach
Surfboard quadrilogy part 2: alternative use of surfboards
Surfboard quadrilogy part 3: surfboards and shadows
Surfboard quadrilogy part 4: surfboards waiting to ride on the waves
More beach huts
Watching the waves
Spicing up the beach life
A row of modern and minimalistic beach huts on Kuta beach
A beautiful resort on Kuta beach, which also offers a bar with tables and chairs partially submerged in a shallow pool, so guests' feet are in the water
A boat on the beach, looking almost like an insect
Offerings to Balinese Gods
Balinese statue
Evidence of World Cup fever
Super cute motorcycle
A Balinese statue modestly dressed for the solemn religious occasion

Local housing in Jakarta can be a world away from Bali
A cannon with a fist at one end, which is a local symbol of fertility
Installation art on a square in Kota, Jakarta
A bus in a desolate area
A shop to process recyclable material
As the man rows the boat, the paddle that reaches the river bed stirs up a trail of black dirt in the river

Created: 10 October 2010
Last updated: 10 October 2010