My Trip to the Philippines

I visited the Philippines for the first time in April 2010, primarily to attend two friends' wedding and to do lots of sightseeing in Cebu, Manila, Iloilo and Bacolod. I usually am not a big fan of beach holidays, but the beautiful countryside, fine sandy beaches and crystal clear water successfully converted me. The relaxed lifestyle and cheerful Filipino personality also made my stay enjoyable. Of course, I have to thank my friends who hosted me and showed me around, and also the amazing wedding reception which I will never forget!

The Philippines
Alubihod on Guimaras Island
Another view of Alubihod
A scenic mosaic of vibrant colours
Reflection of simmering sun rays
Boats like these form the backbone of transportation between various islands in the Philippines
Getting on to such a boat with very heavy luggage. Seeing them cross the narrow plank reminds me of evil captains on pirate ships killing people by making them walk out a narrow plank
More boats waiting for passengers
A beach on Olango Island
An exotically tropical beach hut.
Filipino children love being photographed
...well maybe not...
...actually I am sure they love being photographed
Children playing on a giant trampoline
Living a simple life...playing with bottle caps can bring a lot of happiness, if you know how to be satisfied with the present
Traditional Filipino folk dance
Manila Cathedral
Chinese style street sign in Ongpin Street, the Chinatown of Manila
A thirst quenching station
A plastic bottle collector
Supporters of two presidential candidates show their support by tying yellow ribbons and orange ribbons everywhere in the country
A Chinese stone lion carving with a political message
Rallies for the presidential election are common sights
Another type of battle: Jollibee vs McDonald's
San Sebastian Cathedral in Bacolod
Inside the cathedral
Flags outside Binondo Church, Manila
A curious combination of Jesus, skulls and coconuts
An interesting altar that looks like a European palace
Colourful frescos in Santa Cruz Church, Manila
Exterior of Santa Cruz Church, Manila
A contrast between the ferocity of a cannon and the peace on a golfcourse
St Anne's Church in Molo, Iloilo
A supermarket that has medical supplies, such as foley catheter, syringes, urine bags, aerosol masks and specimen bottles
Guarding the market on a tricycle
A row of tricycles with doors opened like Lamborghinis
The ruins of Lacson's grand mansion in Talisay City
Taking a dip in the hotel swimming pool after midnight
Hotel swimming pool
The skyline of Manila
The skyline (or rather, the cloth line) of Olango Island
Houses that are so close to the nature
Living a simple life, harmoniously coexisting with the nature
I thought people carried things on their head only in Africa, but I was wrong
A police station that would not look out of place as a hut in a resort
I wonder how these kids made the basketball hoop topple over
Locals enjoying the beach
Houses on stilts in Manila
Another view of the low income housing, with residents happily chatting with each other

Created: 3 May 2010
Last updated: 11 October 2010