My Trip to Beijing, China

I visited Beijing in April 2010. It was eleven years since I was last in Beijing, andjust about everything was different compared to what I remembered. I was pleasantly surprised by the people's friendliness and trendiness, the streets' cleanliness and the level of modernity mixed comfortable coexisting with tradition and culture. Beijing was so huge that everything needed a whole day to explore. Hence, I only was able to go to the most essential tourist sights in the few days I was there. Well, last time I was in Beijing, I was there for a month and I still did not manage to visit all the sights! This would mean many more future trips to Beijing!

Beijing, China
A visually striking tower to commemorate the 2008 Beijing Olympics
Bird's Nest
Inside the Bird's Nest. Note the snow on the far side of the field!
Miniature Bird's Nests in the surrounding grounds
The Water Cube
A local eatery which you have to climb in through the window
The Great Wall
Another view of the Great Wall
"One World, One Dream", a newly erected slogan next to the Great Wall
Integrating the traditional art of making dough figures and the Olympic theme
Inside the Old Summer Palace
A serene reflection
New improvements to make the Old Summer Palace more contemporary
The famous ruins of Western style architecture that was ruthlessly destroyed
The observation tower inside the maze
Happy children posing for photos
Feeling the isolation among heaps of ruins
A Chinese dance group practising in public
Cultural exchange between locals and tourists
Boats in the Old Summer Palace which were drastically aesthetically improved compared to what I remembered
Making Northern Chinese style pancakes
Construction goes on everywhere in Beijing
A primitive way to transport lots of mattresses
A modernly traditional park
Suzhou Street in Summer Palace, which is a replica of "Venice of the East" in its glory days
Elaborately decorated restaurant
Tourist prices were still very affordable in tourist attractions
What a Chinese city would have looked like hundreds of years ago
A vegetable stall
Inside a hutong in Beijing
You can see the rich-poor divide from the existence of a shop that provides phones
Guarding a heap of rubbish
Metallic sculptures of various mythical creatures in the Summer Palace
A metallic ritualistic container made in the Qing dynasty
The architectural arrangement looked almost like a Chinese dragon
Figurines on the spine of roofs which are characteristic of ancient Chinese architecture
Close up to show the craftsmenship required to build these ornate architectural features
Temple of Heaven
Fancy a starfish as your snack? Notice the cocoons and scorpions on skewers on the left.
Scorpion skewers, delicacies that is not for the faint hearted

Created: 12 May 2010
Last updated: 14 February 2012