My Trip to Manchester, United Kingdom

I went to Manchester, United Kingdom in October 2009. Before I went, I kept on hearing how dismally run down, dirty and unsafe Manchester was. Indeed, while on the bus from the airport to the city centre, a mad guy took my photo and threatened to smash my face. Apart from that, Manchester was not as bad as people claimed it to be. Despite the death threat, I still managed to enjoy my stay.

My Trip to Poznan & Krakow, Poland

I went to Poznan & Krakow, Poland in October 2009. I visited a friend in Poznan first, ate loads of pierogi (Polish dumplings), then went to Krakow by train. Krakow was a beautiful city, but the weather was prohibitively cold to be outdoors for long. Despite being so near Auschwitz, I still did not have the time to visit it. This means I have to visit Poland for the third time.

My Trip to Munich and environs, Germany

I went to Nuremberg, Regensberg & Munich in October 2009. I had only a few days to visit 6 friends, so it was a whirlwind tour. It felt so nice to be back in Germany, where I could actually understand signs and menus...I even had a conversation in German with a stranger about splitting the cost of a bayern ticket!
Manchester, United Kingdom
Star guitars from the cradle of British music
One of many canals in manchester, reminding residents of the city's glorious past
Only the facade of the Fish Market remains, as if a testament to the fact that the glorious past is indeed over
Neon lights of the China town
Roman bathhouse
Beer garden
Smoking like a chimney
Cooking with a large pan
University Hospital of Manchester
I like this sign, as it is almost a piece of installation art in its own right
A London Eye wannabe
A Big Ben wannabe
A random structure in a random part of the city centre
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Poznan & Krakow, Poland
A plethora of multi-coloured corn in a food market
A swan like melon on the left
Evil pumpkin
Market Square of Poznan
Inside the town hall of Poznan lies these two goats. According to local legend, they fought when the town hall was inaugurated.
Very narrow buildings because people were taxed according to the width of their buildings.
Waiting for the bride and groom to come out for their wedding ceremony
Beautiful architecture of a university building
Someone left their modern art shopping on the pavement
Impatience on the rise as the tram was not arriving
Clergymen taking a break from Poznan Cathedral
Numerous candles for the late Pope John Paul II
Innocent joy
Being happy from spiritual and religious enlightenment
A cozy cafe
Vertigo indicing lighting effects in the Poznan train station
A welcoming witch to ward off evil spirits (and customers) from a restaurant
Hundreds of pigeons fighting for food
Connecting with love from above
Unusual cheeses
Snack shop with plentiful mouth-watering choices
The main hall of Collegium Maius, the most prestigious academic insitute in Krakow
A sad dog almost being gripped by a pair of giant hands...this statue can probably be used in psychoanalysis to examine one's deepest fears
The entrance of Wawel, the imperial castle of Krakow
The cathedral in Wawel
hell = music, heaven = art...some kind of subliminal message is being offered here
Cute figurines of Jewish residents
The New Jewish Cemetery of Krakow...
...where they innovatively but unnervingly used broken gravestones to build walls
Sewing machines on restaurant tables
Corpus Christi Church in Krakow
The well illuminated Slowacki Theatre
Train station of Krakow...heading off to the airport!
Munich and environs, Germany
A gothic church in Nuremberg with a modern nordic makeover
Just after going in, there is a wall made of stacked glass panes, unevenly illuminated to become breathtakingly exciting
An ingenious mosaic in Ausburg train station
A store inspired by Hundertwasser's design
An area of traditional shops in Nuremberg
A building on water
A disturbing sculpture in the city centre
Unconventional cross decorated with mirrors
"Welcome" in many different languages
One of the buildings in the Nuremberg Castle is now a youth hostel (!)
The oldest house in Nuremberg, built in 1331
In the house of a famous artist, Albrecht Dürer, you can get hands on and operate his printing machine
Albrecht Dürer used these very bottles of dyes to paint
The interior of a palace in Regensberg
Looking back towards the bridge tower on the Steinerne Bridge in regensberg
Artistic impression of...ducks? Or swans? Or ostriches?
Lighting up hopes and dreams, and may them come true
A beautifully baroque interior of a church
Serene riverside in Passau
This almost looks like a Greek building
Appetising cheese and pretzels
A Jewish Establishment with no windows
My German friends convinced me to eat white sausages, which are only available before noon every day
White sausages
A beautiful transition of green to red leaves
A statue used as a Michael Jackson memorial shrine
Taking photo of the town model
Stones on a Jewish memorial to remember the cherished

Created: 18 December 2009
Last updated: 18 December 2009