My Trip to Southwest Britain

I visited Dorset, United Kingdom in July to August 2009. I went to various towns and villages along the coast, including Swansea, Weymouth, Portland, Cerne Abbas, Lyme Regis, Dorchester, Lymington and many more. I never thought there was so much to see around the countryside. Though the weather was not perfect on many days during the trip, the coastal scenery still impressed me.

United Kingdom
Durdle Door
A quiet inlet
Fine sand, blue sea with a white cliff as the backdrop
Snapshot of a beach
Booth of a popoluar show
Portland overlooking Chesil Beach and Weymouth
...until you fall asleep
Learning to be close to nature and wildlife
Family fun with a disused tractor
Farming equipment
Horses waiting outside HSBC
A mosaic of sails
An interesting plant
Another interesting flower, I think it looked like the face of a clock. Anyone knows what this flower is called?
Ducklings resting on the road
This really shocked me. The white pillar towards the right under the tree marked one end of the river, then the river flowed onto the road onto the other end, which was under the bridge.Why did they not build a bridge for cars to cross the river?
The imposing magnificence of Corfe Castle
Corfe Castle
A steam engine train coming towards Corfe Castle.
A house on the river
A row of trees lined up like soldiers in formation
Colourful cushions for prayers, each and everyone of them had a different design
Chesil beach
Time for tea
Seaside near Chesil beach
Picturesque scenery near a historical village called Cerne Abbas
Sheep grazing, free range.
Beautiful floral arrangements
A decorative candle in a church
Morning dew
Fishing baskets
Don't know if the instruction is for humans, cars or ships
Colourful beach huts
Dig dig dig!!
Let's cover ourselves with this huge blanket!
Making carrier bags and handbags with aluminium containers
Village of no entry
Mermaid house
Moonshine 30,000 feet above ground

Created: 26 September 2009
Last updated: 14 February 2012