My Trip to Tokyo

I visited Tokyo for the third time in April 2009. I had a leisurely stroll around Tokyo for a few days, and visited basically all the second hand Cd shops to hunt for bargains. I went to mainly places that I have already been in order to retake photos of sights. This was because I lost a lot of photos from my previous trip, due to a terribly poor quality brand of DVD-R called e-blue (never never use them!!!).

Tokyo, Japan
Plastic food model looking far too real
Freaky sign to attract/deter potential customers
An artist village just off a busy shopping area...
...where different types of Art thrives
Alien attack in Shinjuku
Puzzle building
Bored shopkeeper on temple grounds
Ablution area of a temple
Lots and lots of kegs of different sakes
Traditional rickshaw drivers for tourists
Silhouette of the Senso-ji
Decorative lanterns
Completely automated pastry making machine, from baking to packaging, all inside a street side stall
A 3D fountain
Delightful and elaborate origami swans
Serenity in the gardens of Yasakuni Temple
Metropolitan Tokyo from the viewing deck of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government
St Nicolai's church, an Orthodox church in downtown Tokyo
Two vending machines just outside someone's house...it's literally having a shop at your doorstep

Created: 18 December 2009
Last updated: 18 December 2009