My Trip to Phuket

I visited Phuket in February 2009. It was a welcoming change from the usual city holidays that I do. The 2004 tsunami is probably the first thing people associate with Phuket. Time has moved on, and there was no evidence of the calamity that happened a few years before. I stayed at the biggest beach on the Phuket Island, the Patong Beach. Though it was relaxing and beautiful, the Patong beach was probably too carnal for a family holiday.

Phuket, Thailand
Mesmerising sunset at Patong Beach
Somewhere along the coast to the north of Patong Beach
An eye-openingly primitive gas station
School girls guarding a snack truck
Various deities fighting for space and worshippers' incense in a Chinese temple
The most unlikely place for a satellite dish
Majestically shaped religious establishments (I never knew what they really were)
Roof of a temple
Blossoming flowers
China town in Phuket City
Golden dragon gasping for air among the incense inside China town
Clear blue sky and crystal blue water of Patong beach
Swedish tourists declaring their sovereignty on the beach
A beautifully imperfect sign
A very long cart
Low season on the beach
Mother nature also knows espalier
One of the biggest fountain in Phukey with sound and light show, with the screen of water as a projector screen
Seahorse on the shore
Motorcycles taking a rest from their usual hectic schedules
Entertainment venues with exotic decorations to attract patrons
Thai boxers promoting their Thai boxing shows

Created: 18 December 2009
Last updated: 18 December 2009