My Trip to Estonia

I can't quite believe it, but in September 2007 I visited Estonia for the third time. With the immense hospitality of Emily & Eero, I managed to do a lot of sightseeing around the country in a short amount of time.

My Trip to Ukraine

I have always imagined Ukraine to be a mysterious country covered by the Iron Curtain. Before I went, I thought there would be a lot of Soviet artefacts and buildings all over the place. I also imagined a lot of secret police and soldiers walking around everywhere.

Fortunately, my trip to Kyiv proved me wrong. In fact Kyiv is an astonishingly European city. There is plenty of very nice architecture. People are nice and relaxed, and they really like sitting in the park drinking with friends. Another striking thing is that people would pass the fare to the driver from the back to the front. People are so trusting in Kyiv! But i nearly got things stolen by a woman who opened my backpack twice! Fortunately I felt my bag move on both occasions so I did not lose anything.

My little culture shock was that in most fastfood restaurants, and even ice-cream vans, insisted on selling food by weight. Hence, I could never be sure how much I ended up paying. Not to mention the waitresses pushing some food back if the scale proved that there was more than 100g of food on the plate!

Last but not least, I must thank Nadya & Denis for their immense hospitality!
A contrast of old and new tall buildings
Any Soviets around?
The never ending sea side
A bright red tower with no obvious purpose
Flag changing ceremony in front of a government building
A waterfall in a country with almost only flat land
Miles of cold and lonely wilderness
A 500 years old tower, converted into a restaurant
Close to nature
An eeriely lit monument
Kyiv, Ukraine
A marriage witnessed by numerous Saints
The imposing St Sophia's Cathedral
A monument celebrating freedom and independence
Getting shot by soldiers
An unusual fusion of graffiti and tank
A part of Kyiv that is so colourfully constructed, that looks almost like Legoland or Barbietown
An unusual stage
A beautiful monastery
Lavishly decorated interior of an Orthodox church
I am surprised that Soviet monuments like this is still not removed
The man and dog who always chill on the bench
A Ukrainian car
Better lock the watermelons up in a cage, otherwise they will escape
Another beautiful church
The arrival of autumn
A cemetery full of unusual grave stones
A traditional house that looks like a head
A church constructed using traditional way

Created: 19 September 2007
Last updated: 14 February 2012