My Trip to Macau

I remember my first ever holiday outside Hong Kong was to Macau. Since then, I have been to Macau several times, but I have never got round to making a page dedicated to the unique land that had been ruled by Portugal for nearly 500 years.

It is almost shocking to see how much Macau changed in just a few years. The extensive reclamation alone is remarkable. The number of new buildings (mainly casinos and hotels) that sprouts from the ground is amazing. One thing that has not changed though, is that the hygiene level of the streets is still suboptimal.

Macau Peninsula, Macau
Spirals of incense mimicking the ultimate psychedelic imagery
Psychedelia part 2
The plaza that serves as the centre of the historic Macau
Ruins of the St Paul's Church
Another angle of the ruins
One of the new casinos
A grandiose casino under construction
Elaborate metal railings
Typical blue and white porcelain pictures
Garden inside the City Hall
The temple of the Goddess who protects fisherman
Caged up housing (is the crime that bad?)
Housing in Macau
Ever changing skyline of Macau
Building with unusual red structures
Macau observation tower
I had to use the flash despite the number of lanterns in a temple
Lots of motorcycles
European style building
They have a separate slot to post complaints (reclamacoes) in the post box!

Created: 24 June 2007
Last updated: 24 June 2007