My Trip to Lithuania

In August 2007, I went to Lithuania for a week. The first shock I had was the cost of taxis. It was only a 10-minute drive from the Vilnius airport to the city centre, but it costed nearly US$40. I was so sure that the meter was rigged!

Another shock I had was that Lithuania could be so cold in August. A 14 degrees C summer during daytime! Needless to say, I was unprepared for the weather.

Fortunately, the old city of Vilnius was ever so beautiful, and the people were so helpful. I went into the House of Signatories (a historically important building), and they did not charge me admission fees as stated, and gave me a personal free guided tour! Another thing that struck me was that Vilnius was a lot more European and classical than I anticipated. People told me that Vilnius buildings look very Soviet. After being there, I could only say that I disagree which such an opinion. Vilnius is so beautiful, that it deserves to be a more popular tourist destination!

Of course, I have to thank my Lithuanian friends, who were very hospitable and showed me around!

Vilnius, Lithuania
Vilnius Cathedral
...and its amazing interior
Angels escaping from the fresco
Putting metallic body parts on the cathedral wall will heal your diseased body parts
A kind act of remembrance to those killed during the Soviet times
Repairing broken benches doesn't seem like the government's priority
Neither is repairing broken traffic lights
A typical building in the Vilnius old city
The simple and yet elegant Lithuanian National Museum
Artistic housing
Putting locks on a bridge secures a marriage, according to local customs
More classical buildings
St Anne's Church
Selling flowers on the street
One of the many stunning church interiors in Vilnius
A busy Orthodox church
Lighting up hopes and dreams
A dangerously dangerous balcony
A Picturesque restaurant
I still can't believe that a restaurant can be just like a national park
Graffiti artists going wild
How Lithuanians brush their teeth
Cemetery for national heroes
Vilnius University under renovation
Alien invasion...oh no it's a fountain
The Parliament
The beautifully reconstructed Trakai Castle
Blue posts in front of a blue house against a blue sky
Kaunas, Lithuania
The imposing St Michael's Church
The main street has more trees than the country side
Even the Development of Communications Museum is so beautiful
A sculpture made by sewing tree bark together
Happy Lithuanians live in happy houses
A not so happy cathedral in ruins
A stark reminder of the Soviet times on a bridge in Kaunas
I thought the building needed repairs, But, with some imagination, it is a map of Lithuania

Created: 19 September 2007
Last updated: 14 February 2012