My Trip to Sydney

I went to Sydney, Australia in September 2006. I have always heard positively raving reviews about Australia, and indeed the trip did not let me down!

In Sydney, I stayed with my friends who were kind enough to have shown me around Sydney. I was impressed by the eternally sunny weather, relatively inexpensive prices, heavenly scenery and the variety of architecture. In fact, if I was to relocate to another part of the world, Sydney would be the first choice!

Sydney, Australia
Turbulent coastline near Bondi beach
A swimming pool next to the sea
An artistically eroded stone
Whitewashed sedimentary rock with a fault in the middle
Sydney Bridge
Sydney Opera House with an eerie tinge
Festival at Darling Harbour
Sydney skyline at night
A trendy dog with permed AND dyed hair
Psychedelic bends
Lost in a vortex
The Pirates of Darling Harbour with a Johnny Depp lookalike in the front of the ship
Darling Harbour without pirates
Very big and inverted umbrellas
Dreaming of flying
Anzac Memorial at Hyde Park
A music academy bearing an uncanny resemblance to a Medieval stronghold
A whitsedimentary cliff facing the sea against a blue blue sky
A romantic moment eternalised
Shoe box like apartments
A heart wrenching appeal
Artistically assembled mosaic floor
Serenity just steps away from the centre of Sydney
An unusual tree radiating towards every direction
Colourful buildings at Katoomba
Picnic with friends
Cable car for dare devils
Only if the camera could capture the scent of the eucalyptus tree
Three Sisters
Blue Mountain National Park
Waverley Cemetary
Sunset part 2

Created: 20 October 2006
Last updated: 20 December 2009