My Trip to San Francisco

I visited San Francisco in June 2005. I was so glad that I chose to visit San Francisco, as I found every bit of my trip very pleasantly surprising. The weather wsa sunny (and cloudless), the people were very friendly and helpful, prices are affordable and the scenery was breathtaking! For the first time in a long while, I really did not want to leave the place and had an impulse to skip the plane to stay longer!

San Francisco
The ruins of a bathhouse overlooking the Pacific
Where the sea and the sky meet in the horizon
A camera obscura for people to appreciate the astonishing beauty of the surroundings
An obligatory visit to Pier 39
Children playing on an urban beach
Appreciating the meticulously planned urban landscape from Lombard Street ("The Crookedest Street")
The painting's on the wall
Land of stark cultural contrast
City Hall at night
San Franciscans has a preoccupation with flags
Vibrant jets of water from the fountain in United Nations Square
A line of people playing chess on the street
Pictorial street signs
Nice chocolate pieces
Golden Gate Bridge
Bay Bridge
Californian sunset
Californian sunset part 2
An effortlessly picturesque scene
A lighthouse that looks almost festive
Eerie vegetation
Birds nesting in ruins
Pleasant views from Alcatraz Island
Ruins of Alcatraz vs San Francisco city
This is really not a park, but a university campus!
Haphazardly haphazard notice board in UC Berkerley
Carousel for children and tourists alike
Breathtaking views from Ghirardelli Square
Inside the oldest building in San Francisco
I keep imagining that this is the head of a peacock
Memorial for Jews perished in WWII
Exterior of the Palace of Fine Arts (mind you, there is no interior)
Palace of the Legion of Honor
Interior of conventional church
Interior of an unconventional church
Exterior of a conventional church
Exterior of an unconventional church
Market Street lined by rainbow flags to prepare for Pride Parade

Created: 27 June 2005
Last updated: 14 February 2012