My Trip to Norway

I visited Norway in November 2004. I have always wanted to visit Norway for the astounding beauty. I had high expectations of what I would see, and I was not disappointed! The terrain can range from grass plains to rugged and barren stony cliffs all of a sudden. The snowy mountains are of course the highlight for me. I took many photos, nearly 2800 to be precise :)

I also spent two days in London. I have been to London many times already, and have even lived there for a year. However, this is the first time that I do any sightseeing. There is no time for museums this time, so I should go back soon!

A magnetic tapestry of mystic skies, mountains and waters
Houses in ethereal loneliness
Waterfall and its reflection
The perfectly still environs creating a mirror-like reflection
A valley as seen on the Flam railway
Why would someone want to live on this remote and barren land?
Stunning views of waterfalls and cliffs
That's what I imagined about Norway...
Miles of uninhabited snowy wilderness
Clouds blanketing the valley
It's falling!
The cliffs of a glaciated valley
Domkirke in Bergen
An eeriely lit street just off Domkirke
A picturesque high street with the moon in the distance
The Norwegian preoccupation with Trolls
A church in Voss
Zachariasbrygge in Bergen with Floibanen in the distant
Amazing views of the central district of Bergen
A modern ship besides meticulously reconstructed medieval houses
A view of the Wharf
Wooden architecture of the houses in the wharf
Static & silence
City centre of Bergen
A close up of the mosaic of rooftops
A troll to scare the kids away
A fresh fish market to remind the citizens of the seafaring history of Bergen
A colourful office of a travel agent...
with an equally special car
A rescue ladder that probably would not do much good in an emergency
The relaxing atmosphere in the heart of the city
Optician shop that makes sure you know what they do
Ikea requires just a little extra support to sell their products
The castle that defended Oslo for centuries
Spiral staircases have always been a subject of my adoration
Norwegians never use curtains
Customers permanently stuck in one cafe
Parliament at night
Unconventional toilet
A tiger roaming free on the streets
Cubism in action
The palace of the Royal Family of Norway...
& the guards are allowed to speak, in case you are wondering
The main street of Oslo, Karl Johan Gate
University of Oslo
City hall of Oslo
I guess it is forbidden for dogs to stand in front of a pile of sh*t
Vigeland Park
Variegated vegetation
Art by Gustav Vigeland
I can't climb back down...help me!
Traffic jam
This is not a planetarium, but a cinema
A very modern office building
Traditional Norwegian architecture
Two ducks
London, United Kingdom
River Thames
The imposing view created by the walkways of the Millenium Bridge
London Eye
London Eye, Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey
If horses could understand the traffic lights!
Momument to commemorate the dead soldiers in WWII. The small place names are where the soldiers are from, and the bold place names are the battle grounds
The map Winston Churchill used to divide Europe into two blocs, setting the scene for a dark & tense era in modern history

Created: 05 November 2004
Last updated: 14 February 2012