My Trip to Budapest, Bratislava & Vienna

My brother and I visited Budapest, Bratislava & Vienna in June 2004. It was my brother's first time in Eastern Europe, and he was excited about the trip ever since I suggested it. Originally we did not plan to visit Vienna, as I have been there already. However, due to flight availability, we had to fly to Vienna instead of Budapest.

Bratislava was really small, in fact much smaller than I thought! There are only a few things to see, and sadly the Bratislava castle cannot compare to the ones in Vienna or Prague. Unfortunately I cannot imagine it to become a major tourist destination. For Budapest and Vienna, they were both stunningly beautiful. It was so unfortunate that my mobile harddisk broke down, and hence I could not have taken as many photos as I wanted.

Budapest, Hungary
Measures to ensure that tourists can't find their way on the map
Partial reconstruction of an old cathedral
A uniquely Hungarian flag pole
Is he wearing a dress or am I dreaming?
St Matthias Church...
and its stunning interior
Fisherman's Bastion
Another view of the UNESCO world heritage
All the souvenirs are fighting for my attention
Is that a dancing lamppost?
The breathtaking view of the centre of Budapest
The gardens of the Buda Palace
The extravagant interior of the National Museum of Hungary
Inside the Jewish Synagogue, which is the largest Synagogue outside New York
Each leaf of this metallic tree is engraved with a name of a Jewish person who perished in the Holocaust
The side entrance of a hotel
Museum of Applied Arts easily stands out from the crowd
Communist monuments for tourists to play with
Try reading the "Russian" words!
Modern installations against a backdrop of old buildings
A fancy shop (coupled with fancy prices)
Interior of a church
The environmentally conscious Hungarians
I think the statue is a bit angry at us
House of Terror
Bratislava, Slovakia
Bratislava seen at a glance (literally)
An artistic post box
The hat is not meant for you...
Danger! Something is about to drop from the sky!
Hot dog and errr...hot cat??
A rare sight: a crowd in Bratislava!!
In view of a newly expanded European Union, a map is drawn by the Danube to educate the citizens
But it seems some people are ambivalent towards joining EU
A talented street musicians controlling a harmonica, a keyboard, drums and a guitar simultaneously
Vienna, Austria
Inside Stephansdom, where gothic and baroque styles coexists
Mozart's representatives
Vibrant city even when it is at night
You know you are in the capital of music when street musicians can play a symphony with glasses of water
Karlskirche which almost looks like a mosque because of the towers on the side
Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between rubbish and art
I can't hold it anymore...
The beautiful fountain at Schoenbrunn Palace (which means beautiful fountain)
A tiny portion of the Schoenbrunn Palace Gardens
Looking at people lost in the labyrinth is so much fun
Breakdancing for a living
The Academy for Painting Art, which rejected Hitler's application, ending his Art career and thereby starting his political career

Created: 06 July 2004
Last updated: 14 February 2012