My Trip to Bali

My family & I went to Bali, Indonesia in September 2003. It was such a great trip! There were so many scenic places around the whole island of Bali. From the glittering neon lights in the centre of Kuta to the spectacular cliffs of Uluwatu, every single place in Bali never failed to impress me.
Bali, Indonesia
A quiet beach outside a restaruant in Candidasa
Kuta Beach
Why is the zoom not working...
The paradise for relaxation
Surfing beauties
The spectacular cliff at Uluwatu
I love the Balinese architecture!
Doesn't this feel tropical?
Do you fancy singing in front of this board?
If not, Why not get 'fungky' on the stage?
The narrow strip of land connecting the north and the south of Bali
What about some lunch on the rice paddies?
Eating seafood on the beach is the best idea!
Stop fighting, babies!
A nice statue
A Balinese temple
Statues of God needs to wear clothes
A shopkeeper with a nice pose
The picturesque Bedugul
Be careful of the elephants!
And the bats in this Bat cave
Rushing to a religious ceremony
An imperial garden
A shopping mall with local feel
No, these are not Halloween masks
And these are not wigs
But for the rooftop
looking rather majestic
Stone carvings that are already 1000 years old
Waiting for the sun to set
To take this photo
Working hard on the paddy field
A rather grotesque network of roots

Created: 20 November 2003
Last updated: 14 February 2012